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If you're wondering if you should work with Melanie for your interior design needs, let me help you make the decision a lot easier. In short, she's amazing to work with, experienced at what she does, and will absolutely blow your expectations out of the water. No question.

My wife and I bought a remodeled home in SF last year, which we wanted to have furnished before moving in. We had tight budget constraints, no solid concept of our style preferences, and a lot of other things going on at the time. Through it all, Melanie was always great about setting our expectations early and often (regarding cost, timing, services offered, etc), and understanding when things came up that may have caused us to get back to her later than expected.

Her process is refined but flexible, and structured in a way that allows for minimal input from us, but yields a wow-factor that we rediscover every time she presents her concepts (which are our favorite sessions).

Through all of your interactions with her--even if she doesn't seem like it--she will take note of every nuance in your habits and preferences, and always keep them in mind as she plans out the design for your space. It's kind of incredible how she seemingly thinks of everything when it comes to all of the aspects of designing a room: the flow of the space, furniture & sizing, color palettes, materials, intended use of the space, lighting, privacy, energy, vertical space, artwork, and she even takes her own measurements!

She is worth every penny she charges (and some), and we are as happy to open our wallets to her as we are every time we step into our home. Everything she sourced for us is absolutely beautiful and it all came together better than we could have ever hoped for. Last but not least, we are very proud of our home and we LOVE seeing people's reactions when they see it for the first time! We are grateful to have found her, and once the weather improves, we'd like to have her design our backyard as well!

-Richard + Melanie S.

Melanie Love